Make Your Wife Adore You Again

How to Save Your Marriage and Make Your Wife Love You More

You never really know what you’re getting into the day you get married. You believe that the love you feel for your wife and the love she feels for you will overcome anything you two have to face. That tends to change when real life presents itself to you. Your marriage has changed and perhaps you’re at a point now where you’re even questioning whether or not you’re right for each other anymore. Maybe she’s even told you that she’s not sure she loves you anymore. It’s worrisome being in a relationship where you feel your partner slipping away from you right before your eyes.

When most men come to the realization this is happening, they go into a panic mode. They do anything and everything they can think of to change their wife’s mind and feelings. This is typically when a husband goes on a diet, spends less time at work and starts tending to the children more. By now it may feel as though it’s all a little too late. She may be touched by your gestures but overall you can tell that her feelings haven’t changed at all – she’s still distant and less affectionate.

Perhaps you’re at a point now where you’re anticipating the moment when she’s going to tell you that she wants a divorce. You can sense it just based on how disconnected emotionally the two of you are.

Going to your friends for advice probably seems like a great idea. The problem with that is unless they’re facing the same issues as you, they can’t possibly know what does and doesn’t work to get her back in love with you.

If you want to get your wife to feel as close to you as she once did and if you want to know that she loves you unconditionally and fully again, you have to regain access to her heart and make yourself irresistible to her all over again.

You want your marriage to be fulfilling, rewarding and passionate for both you and your wife. Your wife isn’t doing anything right now to change the situation, so it’s up to you.

If you truly love your wife and you want her to fall in love with you all over again and treat you in the way you want to be treated – you have to start understanding how to push your wife’s attraction buttons again. Once you understand this – you’re finally going to have the marriage YOU want.

You can have a relationship in which your wife treats you like the man of her dreams and devotes herself to making you happy.

What Won’t Fix Your Marriage

Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

You may feel that your wife expects you to be perfect all the time. She doesn’t. It’s understandable why you’d feel that way sometimes though. That’s especially true if the two of you are emotionally separated and there’s a well of misunderstanding between you. When a man feels his marriage slipping through his fingers, he’s prone to try just about anything he can think of to get her wife to feel closer to him again. You may not realize that some of the things you’re doing may be causing more harm than good.

Here are a few things that you need to avoid doing if you want to make your wife fall back in love with you:

Bring her flowers or gifts. This is the old standard remedy for many problems that pop up in a marriage. Granted, flowers are great when you two have had a heated argument or when you just want her to know how much you appreciate her. However, if you suddenly start giving her gifts or flowers now, she’ll likely take it the wrong way. She’ll think you don’t recognize the gravity of the problems you two have and it will offend her.

Push her into talking about what’s wrong. Just as men don’t like being pushed into talking about what they’re feeling, women don’t either. She may not be ready to pour her heart out to you or she may be wise enough to recognize that a discussion of that importance could lead to very serious ramifications, including the end of your marriage. When she’s ready to talk to you about what she’s feeling, she’ll tell you.

Compare her to any other woman. Most women struggle with insecurities. Envy is something they battle with always. That’s why it’s fundamentally important for you to not ever compare her to anyone else, including your mother, any former lover or a friend’s wife. She doesn’t want to hear about how much stronger, level headed or understanding another woman is. That will scar her emotionally and she may never feel close to you again if you do this.

Believe she knows what you’re feeling or thinking. Your wife doesn’t know what you’re thinking or feeling no more than you know what she is. Yes, women tend to have more insight when it comes to feelings, but she’s not a mind reader. She can’t possibly know what you’re struggling with emotionally unless you tell her.

If you want your marriage to be different – now is the time to change it.

The power to make your wife fall deeply and passionately in love with you is in your hands – not hers.

My Review of ‘Your Marriage Savior’

The Program That Offers a 97.2% Success Rate for Saving Marriages

If you’ve been trying to understand what your wife is thinking and feeling, you know that it’s an exercise in frustration. It’s almost impossible to know where her mind and heart are at. That’s why it’s so understandable why you feel so far apart from her – how can you possibly maintain a happy and fulfilling marriage is you don’t even know if she still loves you?

You need help. Obviously seeking out professional help is one avenue but that’s going to require your wife’s participation. Perhaps she’s so close to throwing in the towel that she’ll refuse and you’ll feel even more helpless.

That doesn’t have to be the case. There’s help for you.  Michael Cross’  Your Marriage Savior – Save Your Marriage, Stop Your Divorce & Re-Ignite True Passion!

Your Marriage Savior is written by Michael Cross. One plus with this system is that it’s written by a man for men. You desperately need a man’s point of view when you are trying to save your relationship and pull your wife closer to you again.

Your Marriage Savior gives you amazing insight into how your wife thinks and the triggers you need to start pushing immediately to transform your relationship with her. You’ll learn everything about changing your marriage including the very simple ways to make your wife so utterly fixated on you that she’ll never even look at another man. You’re also going to learn the three qualities you must cultivate in yourself so your wife finds you irresistible again.

If you want your wife to be devoted to your relationship and to you and if you’re ready to start feeling like the most important person in her world – read this book. Use it as a guide towards a better marriage. It will change the way your wife feels about you forever.

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Get Your Wife to Love You More Advice

Your Weekly Marriage Tip

December 8, 2014Most women love surprises – particularly surprises of the romantic variety. If your relationship with your wife hasn’t been going as smoothly as you’d like recently, it’s a great idea to do something for her that she won’t be expecting. It may be something as simple as taking her out to dinner but move it up a notch by sending her a text message or email that tells her to get ready for a specific time and to wear the dress you love her in. She’ll wonder what you’re up to but will likely embrace the experience because it’s out of the ordinary for you both. You can do the same thing by making her breakfast in bed, picking up a copy of a book she’s been wanting to read when you’re out shopping or arranging a weekend away visiting some old friends. If you put in some effort to surprise your wife, she’s going to not only appreciate you more but love you for thinking of her.

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